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Why Preplan?

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Planning a funeral in advance, or preplanning, demonstrates love and consideration for other family members. Preplanning reduces the stress on living members of a family. It eliminates indecision and uncertainty when a death occurs.

Everything is taken care of ahead of time.

Because the best time to make decisions is in advance. When there is no pressure and stress.

Advance planning of your funeral arrangement makes matters easier for everyone in your family when a death occurs. The subject of funerals is never an easy subject to discuss. Actually dealing with the death of a loved one is even more difficult.

A death in the family means making major emotional and financial decisions in a limited amount of time. Family and friends are left to deal with numerous details that can leave them feeling extremely overwhelmed.

Examples of preplanning:

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Some plan ahead because there will be no one who is capable of making responsible decisions. Others have definite preferences concerning their funeral service, and they want their families to be informed and involved in those decisions. It is a responsible aspect of estate planning.

Many people preplan because they like the peace of mind knowing there will be adequate funds to cover funeral expenses. Also, pre-payment can provide real benefits when applying for Medicaid.

Most importantly, preplanning guarantees that rational decisions can be made ahead of time without the usual pressures when death occurs.

Purchase a preplanned funeral and the money is deposited in a special escrow bank account. It is FDIC insured. If a preplanned funeral is cancelled, all monies deposited, including any interest that accrued up to the date of cancellation, are fully refundable without penalty (known as Revocable Funeral trust )

* Irrevocable Funeral Trusts- Funds that are not utilized will be returned to the County or State. This applies to all recipents and applicants of Supplemental Income and Medicaid.

Parkside Memorial Chapels offer many preplanning options. For example: a husband and wife can pay for one preplanned service without choosing for whom it applies. It is valid for the first spouse who dies.

If you do not want to wait and leave the burden of funeral decisions after the loss of a loved one. Call us for an appointment.  Let us guide you through preplanning.